We would like to invite you to attend TreeVention: an innovative event where the focus is on networking and inspiring as well as buying. Arboriculturalists from the Euregio have come together to organise this trade fair.

TreeVention consists of three trade shows, which together make TreeVention a comprehensive event!

Sunday 26th of January 2019: 09.00 am – 03.00 pm

Monday 27th of January 2019: 08.00 am – 07.00 pm

Euregio trade fair

Some 50 Euregio growers will be hosting stands. There are plenty of opportunities for networking, buying and making new contacts. Alongside growers, the trade fair also features service providers who will be presenting their products and services to you. The Euregio growers have a lot to offer when it comes to services as well. Be surprised by the many possibilities offered by the Euregio!

Planten foto


Layer fair

Garden Plant will be presenting a selling show (layer fair) during TreeVention. This selling show will feature more than 1200 different arboriculture products and garden plants. You can order these at the show and they will be delivered on a date of your choice.

The Euregio

The Euregio is the largest continuous horticulture production area in North-West Europe, famous for its outstanding arboriculture products. With a densely populated catchment area, the Euregio is wonderfully located, and has ideal access using uncongested motorways.


TreeVention is being organised at Flora Trade Parc Venlo in the heart of the Euregio.

Hollandlaan 23
5928 RH Venlo
The Netherland
Industrienumber: 3915

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  • Flora Trade Parc Venlo
  • Garden Plant

Contact information:
T: +31(0)773031010
F: +31(0)773031015
E: info@treevention.eu
I: www.treevention.eu